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Edel Torque Balanced Putter

Le système de fitting de putter sur mesure n°1 au monde

Edel Torque Balanced Putter


“Our mission is to produce the world’s finest putters, irons, and wedges by employing innovative design concepts and world class manufacturing standards and provide golfers with an unsurpassed level of precision fitting and customization to promote game improvement and lower scores.”

David Edel,
Founder and President of Edel Golf


Lower scores are not built on how far the ball is hit. Despite huge advancements in technology over the past 20 years, average handicaps have not declined. Have you ever asked yourself why scores have flat lined, despite the mind-boggling increase in distance a golf ball flies?

The answer is simple: the golf equipment industry has not provided players with the technology to maximize their performance around the green, which accounts for well over 50% of the shots they will hit.

Every club produced by Edel Golf combines the highest quality materials with a blend of old world craftsmanship and leading edge technology. Our clubs are played on all major tours and are endorsed by top 100 instructors worldwide. If you are serious about shooting lower scores, put our products in your bag and see the difference for yourself. In addition to being sold off-the- rack, our golf clubs may also be built to your exact specifications and cosmetically customized with custom stamping and paint colors to reflect your unique personality.

Edel’s craftsmanship is truly one of a kind. We stand behind our product and firmly believe that you can’t mass produce integrity.

The revolutionary Torque Balanced technology from Edel Golf significantly reduces the negative effects of torque, promoting a smoother and more consistent motion and allowing the putter head a greater opportunity to return to square at impact. Torque Balanced technology strategically removes weight from the toe of the putter, creating a “toe- up” balance point versus traditional toe-down or face balanced putters. With an optimally weighted design, the Torque Balanced putter is less susceptible to the forces of torque during the putting stroke. The Torque Balanced technology is contained completely within the sole of the club, allowing the putter to maintain a sleek and traditional look at address.


Torque is the ultimate enemy of consistent putting. A revolutionary solution can be found in our Torque Balanced Putters


Traditional putter design theory views face balanced putters as the optimal way to create stability in the putting stroke. When balanced in your hand, a face balanced putter will sit perfectly parallel to the ground. Useful? Only if you plan to putt toward the sky. When tilted downward to hit a putt, the previously balanced face will now tilt to the side. Coupled with the motion of a putting stroke, a face balanced putter will behave like any other putter and create the greatest enemy to consistent putting, torque.

Torque in the putting stroke is defined as forced rotation of the putter face resulting from misallocated head weight. The presence of torque makes it difficult to effectively transition from the back stroke to the forward stroke and causes the putter face to rotate open. This forces the player to compensate for the effects of torque, which creates inconsistency and increased dispersion of putts. Greater levels of torque will be created based on the length of the putting stroke, making longer putts even more susceptible to its negative effects.


The Edel Torque Balanced putter fitting system combines Edel’s revolutionary putter fitting method with advanced Torque Balanced weighting technology to create an apex of customizations and game improvement. The blending of an advanced fitting process with the torque-reducing design of the Torque Balanced putter will provide every player with enhanced playability and forgiveness.

Edel Torque Balanced Putter


Edel Golf’s industry leading putter fitting system offers players the unique ability to create a putter that is precisely fitted to every aspect of every player’s putting stroke. A fitting session with an Edel Certified Fitter addresses variables such as geometric head shape, hosel design, shaft offset, weight, sight line configuration, grip, lie angle, loft, and length measurements to design a one-of-a-kind putter that you will aim correctly with proper speed control.


Our fitting proposal offers the player to choose the shaft and head color finishes.

Edel Torque Balanced Putter
Edel Torque Balanced Putter


Comprised of 93 individual Pixls, or independent circular components, the PIXL insert turns mis-hits into gimmes by dramatically enhancing putter roll and performance when the golf ball is struck off center.


Edel has been manipulating weight at the grip end of the putter, also known as counter weighting, in our fitting process since 1996. Adding weight to the handle and/or at various locations in the middle of the shaft is an effective way to improve the way the putter reacts in your hands. Our fitting system is replete with multiple ways to alter the weight of the grip end and the shaft to not only match the speed control needs of individual players, but also their aim. As an optional it is possible to modify the head weight with the Torque Balanced Weight Kit that allows to add or remove weight to adjust for various green speeds. The weight kit is sold separately.

Edel Torque Balanced Putter


Shaft offset and shape produce optical geometries that create aim responses in your subconscious. Some tend to aim you more to the left and some tend to aim you more to the right. Through our fitting process we determine the correct shaft offset for your aim scenario.


Lines on your putter head are critical to how you aim your putter. Lines can exert both positive and negative effects depending on how your eyes interpret them. Not only is it a question of whether or not to have aim lines, but also where they should be placed and how many should be used. Your ideal line scenario is determined through our fitting process.

Edel Torque Balanced Putter


The shape of your putter head and how you perceive that shape will affect how you aim it. Much of this aim bias is based on where a putter forces you to look when you’re setting up at address. Because a mallet features a circular back, you have to look at the leading edge to set the face perpendicular to your target line. With a blade style putter you can use either the back or the leading edge, since both are parallel. With our three head shapes we can find a shape that produces optical geometries that allow you to consistently aim it at your target.

The use of custom fitted equipment is rapidly becoming more popular among golfers of all skill levels. Edel Golf combines industry leading technology with a proprietary fitting system designed to create putters that are precisely matched to the unique vision and putting stroke of every player. A few key statistics make a clear case for the remarkable advantages of custom fitting:

A study conducted by David Orr with Campbell University found that among 150 tested PGM students:
•80% could not properly aim their putter at the center of the hole from 6 feet away.
•20% aim their putter within the edges of the hole from 6 feet, but had incorrect putter loft.
•Only 3% could aim their putter at the center of the hole with correct loft.

A further study conducted by David Edel and MIT for the Better Golf Through Technology Summit in 2006 measured two independent groups of 40 low handicap players to assess the change in performance from a distance of 12 feet after switching from their current putter to a fitted Edel putter :
•Consistency improved across 19 of 22 stroke metrics such as stroke motion, speed control, and proximity to the hole, with players experiencing an average 38% reduction in standard deviation after switching.
•Aim improved an average of 1.8 inches.
•Percentage of putts made improved from 11% to 20%.
The statistics are clear. Fitted Edel putters procould vide players with an immediate opportunity to improve their putting without any significant alteration of the putting stroke.

Edel Golf is dedicated to providing the most innovative, highest quality and best performing products in the Golf Industry. At Edel Golf we pride ourselves on the development of our fitting system to find you the perfect putter and we are constantly innovating our process that allows us to trust that we are making you a putter that will stay in your bag for seasons to come.